Coastal Equestrian Club welcomes new members. Membership is open to people 5 years and over, new memberships must be approved by the organising committee. The financial year is November 1st 2016 – October 31st 2017. Members will be expected to help at clinics and two events per year and partake in other activities or pay the non-helping fee. Club colours are navy, white and gold.

Become a Coastal Equestrian Club member and enjoy being part of a passionate, supportive and social group of like-minded people. We have many social days as well as clinics, training days and competitions. By joining Coastal Equestrian Club you are signing up to Victoria’s premier Equestrian Club. Our club places emphasis on ensuring all our members are fully supported and have a sense of belonging to the club. We love members who put back into the club and help us keep this fantastic innovative club one step ahead. Join today!


The Coastal Equestrian Club ladies following a clinic with David Shoobridge.